Welcome! Do you have a favorite bishounen? Do you have that certain bishie that you just can't get enough of? Are you just a wee bit obsessed with this character? Well, this is the perfect place for you!  Here is where you and others may announce your obsession, and bask in the thrill of it. ~_^ I hope you will take a moment and join. This clique was created by Kae.


Opened: May 31, 2006

Last Updated: November 19, 2008


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10-13-06-- I's like to announce my new affilaite Watashi no Ai! Go check them out and see if your favorite bishie has been claimed. ^_^

10-05-06-- I'm proud to announce that this site is now affiliated with Shounen Clique // Webring! Go give them a visit. ^_^ I also added a bunch of new members today.

08-06-06-- Added a couple new codes.

07-28-06- Added a new affiliate, Shozoku: The Owned! Be sure to go there and claim your favorite bishie too! Also I added one new code. I really need to get to work on some new codes. If anyone would like to donate some *hint hint* I would be more than happy. ~_^ You will get complete and total credit for anything submitted.