Here are some simple rules to the 'clique', to keep everything in order.
1. You must be a bishounen obsessed. Yes, you must like bishies. ~_^
2. You do not need a Website to join, but you must have a VALID e-mail address.
3. If you DO have a website, please put a code up before, or right after you join. You must have a code up, linking back to the clique correctly, or your site will not be listed, although you still will.
4. Sites that contain explicit Nudity, Porn, Racism, etc. will not be listed, but you still will.
5. DON'T DIRECT LINK THE CODES! Please upload them to your own server!
6. Please join with your real first name, or a realistic nickname. Not something like "~*~Hot bishie love!~*~", or something like that. It keeps the member list looking orderly.


Now what are you waiting for? ^_^ Go Join, and pick up a code already! ~_^